Mushrooms are both dangerous and tasty at the same time. Some may not taste mushrooms
because they are highly allergic, and others don’t seem to get enough of it. This is the case of
the normal mushrooms we use for cooking, but what about the magic mushrooms? Well, users
of shrooms have different stories to tell and all more than interesting to hear. There are
many types of magic mushroom strains, and all have different effects on the user. The dosage
is very important as far as the magic mushroom is concerned.
The different strains of magic mushrooms
The shrooms come in a lot of different varieties and each with its own set of experiences. It can
be found in almost every part of the world. The magical mushrooms come in different strains,
and here are a few of the popular ones: 
 Golden teachers(Psilocybe cubensis)
Their name is because of their golden caps and white spots. They are from a strain of Psilocybe
cubensis. They are not very strong and have a mild and gentle teacher-like enlightenment. They
are the right kind for a newbie who is just trying out the shrooms.
 Amazonian cubensis
They look a bit different from golden teachers as they have a thicker stem and are quite fleshy.
They are a bit strong and give a wild experience to the user. The new in the lot should stay
away from this as it is more for experienced users.
 African Transkei
They come from Africa and are not recommended for newcomers. They are bright with orange
caps when young, but as they mature, they turn white. They have strong effects on the user,
and the user can experience some great visual treats.
 Fly Agaric
It is beautiful with red caps and white spots, just like a Santa with his white beard. With their
beauty, they are almost toxic too. If not handled by someone with great experience, it will
surely drastically affect your life.
 Blue meanies
They are different kinds of magic mushrooms that do not grow on thick stems; instead, they
grow on thin stems that seem like a wire. They have a few pointed heads, and the overall look

makes them stand out from the crowd. They are very strong and belong to the highly potent
group. They have double the psilocybin content than the other mushrooms and are a strict no-
no to the new users.
 Liberty caps
The users say that they are on the stronger side, just like the blue meanies. They have pointed
yellow caps and grow on thin stems like the blue meanies but can be described as friendly.
Many more out there
There are many more of them out there, each with a different way of expressing themselves.
All of them are grown worldwide, and every part of the world have their Types of magic
mushroom strains. The mushrooms come in different varieties of potent, mild, and in between.
So choose the type that suits you the best. If you are new to this, then better to keep away
from certain strains as they may be dangerous.