Sex On Shrooms

Shrooms are having their moment. With the legalization of weed, activists have started to lobby
Congress with calls to legalize shrooms as well. The main component, psilocybin, has been
dubbed the ‘safest drug in the world’. Most stoners will also attest to this fact.
Magic fungi have dominated the news, with active legislative efforts to decriminalize them.
While this is all well and good, stoners have a more important question on their minds: what’s
it like to have sex in shrooms?
While most who have tried it out claim that it is unbelievable, the effect of shrooms has a major
effect on perception. Psilocybin is a psychoactive drug, meaning it affects the way you perceive
your surroundings. This includes colour, taste, noise, and other objects and people. Using
shrooms and having sex may be an experience like no other, and we’ve added a few tidbits
about this in our article below, so don’t forget to check it out!
Having sex on shrooms 
A stoning session can end in any way, and sex can also be one of the outcomes. Regardless of
how or when the shrooms were taken and consumed, one of the golden rules still stands
Consent from both parties 
Stoners may not be completely sober, but asking for consent before engaging in sexual
intercourse is still necessary. Maintaining boundaries still counts even when you are high, and
when going for magic fungi ride with your partner, you must be both on the same page
regarding sex. 
This is why it is imperative that before you undertake such a psychedelic journey, clear out any
misconceptions with your partner. Sex is an act of intimacy, and for the experience to be good
for both partners, consent must be asked, and boundaries maintained before you go for it and
get high. 
Emotional bonding 
Another effect of having shrooms or any other drugs for that matter is the lack of inhibitions.
When we are high, we often forget the things that may be mentally crippling to us. Stoners are
very emotional when they get high, revealing secrets and talking about fears in a way they
would never do sober.  
That’s the reason why sometimes a trip down the shroom road may turn out to be an
emotional bonding experience for both parties. Shrooms may create a level of intimacy that
wouldn’t have existed otherwise between these people.

Sex in shrooms is an experience that most stoners would be willing to try. Once you are high,
there is no telling how the night will go. Before you go on a trip, it is better to have a
conversation regarding how far you both will be willing to go with it and get the other person’s
consent before having sex with them. It can also be a great bonding experience for both parties
involved, as shrooms will remove all the barriers that sober people have constructed. Whatever
you do, stay safe and on the same page with your partner.