Microgenix Peanut Butter Cups (Psilocybin)


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Living in a peanut butter dream. Meet our sweet & salty peanut butter cups (bite-sized magic) Smooth PB cups are the perfect mini dose to relax and connect. A plant-based & organic treat well known for deliciously addicting flavor and charming effects. We love to eat these for dessert, even if dessert means breakfast. Looking for a little more? Devour the whole box and you might even catch a viiiibe.


Microgenix: Smooth Peanut Butter Cups

Vegan / Gluten-Free / Organic / Canadian

Mushroom Strain: Penis Envy

Sweet + Salty
Natural PB +
Dark Chocolate

What’s Included:

75mg Dried Psilocybe / Cup

225mg Dried Psilocybe / Package


Dark Chocolate: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cane sugar.

Peanut butter filling: Natural peanut butter, dried psilocybe, PB2 powder, powdered cane sugar, coconut oil, Himalayan salt.

How to use: Consume 1 peanut butter cup for subtle effects & relaxation. Each additional piece will enhance the effects of your psilocybin experience.


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