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Here’s what you need to know about Liberty cap mushrooms
If you are a mushroom lover, you must check out these liberty cap mushrooms. The mushrooms are also known as magic mushrooms due to their psychoactive properties. This mushroom species belongs to the Psilocybe family that has the potential to treat some major psychological conditions. The scientific name of the liberty cap mushroom is Psilocybe semilanceata and is abundantly found in northern Europe.
However, the liberty cap mushrooms derived their name from a folk name, also known as pileus. Therefore, the history of the liberal camp is very interesting. So, before we begin with facts and features of the mushroom, let us have a brief look at the history of its naming.
Liberty cap – the history
Over the years, the liberal cap has held a significant chapter in history. If you look at Roman history, the liberty cap was a hat often provided to the slaves in Rome whenever they were freed. The cap was conical in shape that looks almost like a smurf’s hat. The resemblance is astounding if you check for yourself.
The liberty hat indicated that the Roman slaves were no longer property but free citizens of the country. It was a symbol of freedom that later got engraved into coins after Julius Caesar was murdered. However, history dissolved over the years, but it floated again in the 18th century in France. The caps were worn as a sign of revolution, and the liberty cap mushrooms have this remarkable resemblance.
Now that we have established the historical significance of the liberty cap and how the mushrooms derived their name let us have a look at the properties and distinguishing features of the liberty cap mushrooms
Characteristic features of Liberty cap mushrooms
The liberty cap mushrooms are also known as the magic mushroom. There are more than 200 species of Psilocybin mushrooms. These mushrooms grow in damp and grassy areas with no literal maintenance. One can find the mushroom during the Autumn season. However, the liberty cap mushrooms are quite deadly if consumed in the wrong proportions. But before we go into its psychoactive properties, let us look at the physical characteristics.
⦁ The caps of these mushrooms have a bell shape structure that looks like conical caps.
⦁ The pointy head and brown color of the cap provide its shape.
⦁ The stalks are thin but long.
⦁ As the mushrooms age, the color of the caps fades to greyish brown.
⦁ The bottom of the stalk has a round edge with a thick girth.
Now, coming to the psychedelic properties of the mushroom, you must know that they have a high potential of hallucination due to the presence of a psychoactive chemical called Psilocybe. The active compound acts as a natural stimulant to create an effect of Euphoria. There is no medical evidence available on the effects of over dosage, but clinical study inhibits irregulated consumption of the liberty cap mushrooms.
Generally, it is recommended to take only 0.2 grams for the Psilocybin effect. However, a moderate dose of 1g can provide an extended psychedelic experience.
Treatment of psychological conditions
Some researchers have studied the clinical effects of liberty cap mushrooms to treat psychological disorders like depression, PTSD, and ADHD. However, the results are not evident yet, and thus, we cannot guarantee any profitable results from consuming them. Howsoever, there are certain problems faced by the placebo group that showed the following issues after consuming the liberty cap mushrooms.
⦁ Arrhythmic breathing
⦁ Seizures of limbs
⦁ Elevated heart rate
⦁ Vision problems
⦁ Increased blood pressure
⦁ Sweating
⦁ Illusions
⦁ Hot-flashes
So, this is all about the liberty cap mushrooms and their properties and effects. If you want to try these mushrooms, please keep in mind to properly follow the cautions and intake amount.

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