The Few Things You Need To Know About Penis Envy Mushrooms And Their Popularity

Mushrooms are a type of exotic fungus admired worldwide but have a love-hate relationship
with the people. Because of its unique taste and texture, it is used in many cuisines and is on
the top of the list in restaurants worldwide. However, people with an allergic reaction to
mushrooms need to be careful because accidentally consuming them can prove fatal. 
Anyway, this article does not intend to take you through any exotic culinary travel to satisfy
your taste buds but to a completely different sensory satisfaction.  Penis envy mushrooms are
a kind of magic mushrooms belonging to the Psilocybe cubensis species. They have
natural psychoactive as well as hallucinogenic properties present in them. If you want to learn a
few more things about these magic mushrooms, you can continue with the reading:

A few facts about Penis envy mushrooms
Mushroom comes in different strains, and the magic mushrooms are widely used to get
euphoria. Here are a few facts that may interest you:
 It gets its peculiar name due to its resemblance to the male reproductive organ
 It is known for its high psilocybin properties
 It is still not clear as to where it originated
 They belong to the potent group and have to be handled carefully
 Penis envy mushrooms are a result of genetic mutation

The popularity of Penis envy mushrooms
While mushrooms belong to different strains, they are used for many reasons too. Though most
of them help you make your lunch or dinner sumptuous, others use these for a completely
different reason. For example, penis envy mushrooms are rare and difficult to cultivate, and
the fact that they can be used for getting the intense feeling of euphoria they are in great
demand in the market.

The other fact that makes this type of mushroom so popular and in-demand is that its
propagation is not that simple and easy and also it does not mature as easily as the other
mushroom strains. In short, they are:
 Rare
 Very potent
 They do not mature and propagate easily
 They can take you to extreme levels of euphoria
 And finally, due to all these features, it is one of the costliest of mushrooms

How to consume your Penis envy mushrooms?
If you are a newbie, then taking Penis envy mushrooms is not advisable. But for people who
are more experienced can have them in various styles:
 Consume it as a whole by chewing thoroughly and then swallowing. When it is chewed
nicely, it becomes easier for the stomach acids to break it, and the sooner you get the
 Make your mushroom tea by putting it in the boiling water and boiling it until it sinks
into the bottom. You can drink this brew and eat the ones at the bottom.
 Get it into your smoothie jar and mix it with your favourite fruits, and the best tasting
drink is ready.
Try different recipes and come up with your cuisines and make this an experience you will
never forget.


Why are the Penis envy mushrooms considered rare?

penis envy mushrooms

And this makes them far more difficult to breed. In addition, they do not mature as fast
as other strains do. All this adds to them becoming a rare and precious type.

Though the spores of this type are lookalike of the cubensis strain, they do not exactly act the
same as they do not open up their fruiting body cap to release spores like the other mushroom

Different strains of Penis envy mushrooms

Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Strain
 Trans Envy Mushroom Strain
 Penis Envy Uncut Mushroom Strain

Benefits of Penis Envy Uncut Mushroom Strain
When it comes to magic mushrooms, you must know that it has psychoactive properties, but it
is also used for many medical conditions. Given below are a few benefits of using this amazing
mushroom strain:
 It’s an energy booster
 It is used for treating anxiety and depression
 It can ease withdrawal symptoms
 It can enhance your mental strength 

Live life to the fullest.
When life has so many challenges, you need to be strong to survive each day. Making yourself
happy should be your ultimate goal to energize to meet the challenges of life fully. So be happy
and live life to the fullest by ordering Penis envy mushrooms from your favorite store.

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