The Magical Effects Of Microdosing Mushrooms

Are you lagging in your freelance work? Are you facing difficulty in garnering content? Is your
writing process for your new fiction piece taking way too long? Sit back and relax as these
cannot be deemed causes to worry about since the solution is right before you. Microdosing
mushrooms, a practice that is gaining popularity day by day. And this growing desire for the
same is owed to its myriad of benefits that it is likely to provide. It is important to note that this
subject, even though a highly contentious one, has admirers and people in need for the same in
large numbers out there.

What is microdosing?
Now for those of you who are new to this whole new realm of microdosing and for those who
are wondering at its effects, microdosing is the act of intake of small amounts of psychedelics
and hallucinogens, specifically mushrooms. These will consequently act as a drug.
Unfortunately, it is often the mainstream perception that makes this practice highly
contentious and controversial.

microding magic mushrooms

Speaking of benefits

We did talk about milder effects and difference of perception while we talked about
microdosing and comparing them to regular drugs. These sound like quite minuscule effects
that don’t serve as enough temptation. Well, that’s not the case. They are known to be, and
they have proved to have enhanced the concentration of anyone who has tried it, enabling you
to finish your work in a short track of time and that too creatively. Yes! That is another
advantage. These psychedelics have proved themselves useful in making their users a tad bit
more creative than they already are. 

Let’s see what the other advantages that these magical mushrooms provide are!

 Energy Booster

The users of the same are observed to be more energetic and active after consumption. Their
energy, on the whole, is known to be boosted, helping them enormously to do their tasks
 Anti-depressant
Doctors advise this to patients who have sunk into depression and who suffer from regular
panic attacks. It is very effective and powerful in reducing stress and anxiety
 Pain relief
It provides relief from physical as well as mental pain and strain. Also, it has been found that it
can provide relief to women who suffer from menstrual cramps.
 Decreased drug consumption
Individuals, who have started the practice or habit of Microdosing mushrooms, tend to have
given up on their alcohol consumption. They deter or refrain from old bad habits such as doing
regular drugs. It is also observed and noted that coffee or caffeine consumption has drained

For all those who need a change of lifestyle because the existing practices and methodologies
aren’t working smoothly, for those who have pending pages to write and have no inspiration
whatsoever, here is a tool to unleash your creativity!

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