How Many Mushrooms To Take – Dosage And Effects

Consider the list below as potential landmarks you could encounter on a journey, but not a guarantee. For example, visuals are listed in most sections, but hallucinations are not part of every mushroom journey.

Microdose: .1g – .35g

Microdosing can be for exploring improved focus, creativity, or relief from depression and anxiety. Microdoses are so small that psychedelic effects won’t be felt. Instead, the sub-hallucinogenic dose works over time, sometimes taking several weeks to realize benefits. Reported effects are:

  • Improved mood
  • Strange or pleasant body sensations
  • Easy social connection and emotional awareness
  • Greater focus and flow
  • Creative ideas
  • Mild anxiety or temporary confusion

Low Or Mini-Dose: .35g – .5g

Helpful to experience the threshold of a shroom trip, although this is a microdose for some. If you are new to psychedelics, trying out new strains, or are sensitive, this is a helpful “getting to know psychedelics” zone.

  • Light euphoria
  • Slight “body buzz” – warm, tingling, or odd sensations
  • Vivid emotions, connection to others
  • Increased creativity or sense of meaning
  • Light hallucinations – brighter colors
  • Mild anxiety or confusion

Museum Dose: .5g – 1g

Around 1 gram of mushrooms is termed Museum Dose,  coined by prolific chemist Alexander Shulgin. This range is ideal for feeling the effects of mushrooms while functioning in the world. A popular choice for concerts, walks in nature, socializing, biking, or art galleries.

  • Mild euphoria or anxiety
  • Slight “body buzz” or mild discomfort
  • Increased connection to own emotions, other people, or nature
  • Introspection, creative flow states
  • Mild hallucinations – colors “popping,” profound music
  • Slight confusion or repetitive thoughts

Moderate Dose: 1.25g – 2.5g

For a first-timer, this is our recommended dose. This can be light and fun or get pretty deep. Proper set and setting are essential from this range and upwards. An ability to interact with people and your surroundings will likely be maintained here. However, surrendering to challenging insights or confusion at the higher end becomes necessary.

  • Euphoria or anxiety
  • Body buzz, odd sensations, changes in heart rate or body temperature
  • Deeper connection to friends, community, environment, spirituality
  • Introspection, a new sense of meaning, creative inspiration
  • Amplified emotions or releases like laughter or crying
  • Visuals – breathing walls, geometric patterns, closed eye visuals
  • Confusion, looping thoughts
  • Altered sense of time, impaired motor skills, or speech

Macrodose: 3g – 5g

Above three grams will be a powerful psychedelic experience for most people. Without an experienced sitter, this should be left to experienced trippers and should be in a safe space with people you trust. Be prepared to disconnect from “normal” reality in this territory.

  • Intense euphoria, anxiety, fear, emotional release
  • Strange or pleasant body sensations, sweating, increased heart rate
  • Mystical experiences, sense of “oneness”
  • Deep introspection and existential questioning
  • Significant emotional revelations or release
  • Higher chance of visuals, ability to “journey” with closed eyes
  • Time, everyday objects, or your environment can be confusing, thought loops
  • Partial or complete loss of motor control or speech

High Dose / Heroic Dose: 5+G

The legendary psychonaut Terence McKenna coined the heroic dose. This is a high dose.  This shouldn’t be attempted without significant psychedelic experience and a willingness to work with whatever the mushrooms show you. Breath is a good anchor and could be the only thing that makes sense for a while.

Shroom Dose Calculator – 

You can use our Magic Mushroom Calculator to workout your Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms or Truffle dosage. 

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The following questions are factored into the calculation: 

  • Step 1: How much do you weigh?
  • Step 2: Fresh mushrooms or dry mushrooms?
  • Step 3: What is the desired dose?
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