How To Take Shrooms

Eating Magic Mushrooms
Magic mushrooms are psychedelic and are used for getting that funky trip and bettering one’s
mental health. Just like any other psychedelic thing, shrooms can be consumed in various ways.
The trick is to break down the psilocybin into the component psilocin, which makes one feel
high. There are several ways to consume magic mushrooms like mixing in edibles, making tea,
smoking, making capsules, making lemon tea, etc. 
 Can you smoke shrooms?
Many people are asking this question lately. Whether they can smoke shrooms or not is
something that tends to give out ambiguous answers.
In general, yes, the shrooms can be smoked. One will have to grind the mushrooms and then
use a rolling tobacco paper to wrap them, glue them, and smoke them like a joint. It is quite
easy and does not require much effort. If one is well aware of creating a joint with weed, one
can easily make one with magic mushrooms.
But, many say that smoking shroom is not effective because of the low burning point of these
psychedelic mushrooms. Weed tends to burn at 900 degrees and above. But, the shrooms have
a low burning point of around 180 degrees. This means they tend to get burnt easily when the
temperature reaches 180 degrees. Brunt shrooms are completely useless and will have any
desired effect.
Then one might think that smoking mushrooms at a lower temperature will help? Well, the
answer is no. lower temperature does not activate the psilocybin of the shrooms. That means
one will not get the desired psychedelic effect from the shrooms. That is a wastage. Also,
smoking the shrooms can be dangerous due to the spores, which can get stuck in the
respiratory canal, causing trouble. 

Lemon tea
There are several ways to ingest magic mushrooms. Out of them, lemon tea is one of the most
talked-about ones. Lemon tea is nothing but a concoction of mushroom grind and lime or
lemon juice. 
The shrooms are ground and then mixed with lime or lemon juice. The mixture is rested and
stirred for 15-20 minutes before straining and drinking the same. Though a theory, some say
that the lime juice’s citric acid helps break down the psilocybin into psilocin. The same happens
in the stomach as well due to the stomach acids. 
As the psilocybin is broken down before ingesting, they say that lemon tea gives quick results.
One may feel the high and funky feeling easily if lemon tea is consumed. Also, this is the reason
why one should start with lower dosages. 

Magic Mushroom tea
Tea is the most common and chosen way to have shrooms. It is easy on taste buds as one can
add other things to make it tasty and flavoursome. Also, it is better on the stomach. 
One can easily grind shrooms in the required dosage using a coffee grinder or weed grinder.
After this, steep the same in water for 15 minutes. One can add ginger, tea bags, honey, etc., to
make it taste good. Strain the mixture and sip like tea.