It can be incredibly exciting to harvest the first batch of Magic mushrooms and other types of
mushrooms. You can find it very satisfying to watch something grow and come to life because
of your labour and hard work. Once you have harvested your magic mushrooms, it comes to
the storage and proper ways to preserve them. Many people have found that storing magic
mushrooms can be quite hard because it requires strategic planning. Shrooms can be damaged
very easily and diminish their quality. Shrooms are very prone to decay and decomposition. This
is why if you want to grow shrooms, you have to follow a correct plan to store them safely and
securely. Also, many people ask if the shrooms can be stored for a longer time or how to store
shrooms? Here we will discuss it in detail.
How to store shrooms?
Storage of shrooms is not very complicated if you do it in the right way. Fresh mushrooms can
be stored in the refrigerator for around two months if they are unopened. However, many
people prefer to dry the shrooms and store them later as the drying process can help preserve
them. Dried mushrooms can be saved for around one year if kept under the right conditions.
They should not be kept in a moist environment as moisture can prevent mushrooms from
drying. Moisture can also lead to the decay and decomposition of shrooms. If you want to learn
how to dry magic mushrooms, keep reading.
How to dry magic mushrooms?
Magic mushrooms can be great for health, and people consume them for their health benefits
and nutritional value. If you want to dry out the magic mushrooms and store them for a longer
period, you can store them in a cool and dark place for two to three years. Sometimes, magic
mushrooms might even take longer than two to three years to dry out completely. Some of the
risks that are associated with the drying process can include infestation and loss of potency.
These conditions can happen due to the exposure of shrooms to light, heat and a moist
The best trick to prevent shrooms from decaying and decomposing is to keep them away from
heat and moisture. This will not only speed up the process of drying but will also prevent any
infestation and bacteria threats. The active compounds found in magic mushrooms are
sensitive to heat. Heat and moisture can reduce the potency of the shrooms and make them
less effective. It is important to remove any excess moisture from shrooms before they are to
be put to storage.  

Do shrooms go bad? 
Many people wonder Do shrooms go bad. Like other mushrooms, magic mushrooms can also
go bad with time if they are not stored correctly. Storage can play a huge role in prolonging the
shelf-life of shrooms and keep their potency. Fresh mushrooms can last for up to seven to ten
days when refrigerated. They should be stored in a paper bag to keep them covered and
protected. Freezing and drying are also good options to store shrooms and preserve them for
later. If you lack proper storage, shrooms will rot and lose their freshness, taste, and nutritional
How long do shrooms last( shelf life)  
If you want to learn how long do shrooms last( shelf life), you should store them
properly. Fresh shrooms can typically last for seven to fourteen days when kept in a
refrigerator. They can have a longer shelf life if they are frozen. Dried shrooms have a shelf life
of around a year. Proper care and storage always help in promoting a longer shelf life of the