Umpteen people are curious about magic mushrooms as they have elements that are more or
the less same as Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD. Those who seek info about how to grow
their home continue reading. However, it is strictly advised to check the local laws as most
nations ban such plantations.
The procedure to grow magic mushrooms involves the following steps.

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms
  1. Take a jar. Punch four disinfected nails on the lining of the lid with a disinfected
  2. Make substrate by mixing 2/3 rd cup of vermiculite with 1/4 th cup of water.
  3. Get rid of excess water with a disinfected strainer.
  4. Add 1/4 th cup brown rice flour to the prepared substrate.
  5. Put the resulted mixture in the jar leaving half an inch of space.
  6. Use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the glass. Add dry vermiculite.
  7. Tightly screw the lid. Foil it sturdily.
  8. Keep the jar on a towel in a pan.
  9. Fill water till half-height of the jar. Boil.
  10. Let it steam for around 85 minutes.
  11. Cool it overnight.
  12. Use latex gloves and a surgical mask to avoid contamination.
  13. Heat a syringe’s needle till reddish.
  14. Once cooled, cautiously swab it with rubbing alcohol.
  15. Pull the plunger vaguely and shake off.
  16. Detach the foil from the jar.
  17. Inject 1/4 th cc of spore mixture with the syringe deep into the jar’s holes.
  18. Next, put micropore tape onto the holes.
  19. Leave it untouched, out of sunlight, at room temperature, in a clean spot.
  20. Keep observing the jar for any contamination; remove it diligently without removing the
  21. Check for the appearance of cakes after a month.
  22. Make 1/4 th inch of holes on all sides of a plastic box.
  23. Take perlite in a strainer. Let cold tap water run over it.
  24. Layer the drained perlite into the chamber for 4-5 inches.
  25. Turn the caked jar upside down. Tap on it to get the cake out of the jar.
  26. Let cold tap water run over it. Could you put it in lukewarm water?
  27. Let it rest for 24 hours at room temperature.
  28. Take out the cake from the water.
  29. Coat it with dry vermiculite.
  30. Place a foil paper on the fruiting chamber and place the cake over it.
  31. Sprinkle water 3-4 times per day. Also, fan the setup 5-6 times.
  32. Voila! Wait until the magic mushrooms show up.

How long does it take for shrooms to grow
Though the usual time duration is 1-2 months, the precise timing may vary from case to case.
The atmospheric conditions and preparation technique may slow down or speed up the
process. However, the general timeframes are:
 Spore germination- around 7 days
 Cake formation- around 14-30 days
 Fruiting cycle- around 14 days

Magic mushroom grow kit
It gets difficult to prepare the substrate, sterilize everything, and do other complex tasks on
your own. Self-preparation also poses contamination risks. Hence, growers prefer to buy a
mushroom growing kit from a reputed source. It usually comes with every necessary thing
where the grower only has to add water.