How long do shrooms stay in your body

If you are reading this, you must be knowing that shrooms (also known as
magic mushrooms) have hallucinogenic properties in them. The main active
ingredient, psilocybin, present in these shrooms contain mind-altering
properties. So, you might begin to hallucinate or feel slightly euphoric when
you ingest these mushrooms. How long does the effect of mushrooms stay in
your body? Will this impact your results when you take a blood test? Let’s find
out the answers to these questions in the sections below.
Before we get into these details, here is a disclaimer. Shrooms stay for
different time durations in different people, because they are dependent on
many factors. What type of shroom did you ingest? What is your age? How is
your general health? Do you have any existing illnesses? The answers to these
questions will tell you how long shrooms will stay in your system.

Effects of shrooms

Magic mushrooms are so potent that you start feeling their impact within half
an hour of ingesting them. However, this is only when you consume raw
mushrooms directly in their fresh, dried, or frozen forms. When you mix these
mushrooms with water or food, or consume them in the form of tea, you can
see their mind-altering effects and calmness within 5 to 10 minutes of

Lasting effects
Though you may feel the experience of shrooms within half an hour of
ingesting them, their effects can last in your body for about 4 t0 6 hours.
Though various factors determine the duration of these effects, you can expect
the traces of magic mushrooms in your body for at least 4 hours.
The kidney naturally pushes out the psilocybin compound through excretion
within a few hours. Usually, after 4 t0 5 hours, you will excrete all traces of
shrooms from your body. Studies have proved that almost 65 to 70% of the
psilocybin gets excreted from the human body within 3 hours of ingestion.
After 24 hours, the traces are completely removed from your body; therefore,
your results will be clear when you take a drug test 24 hours after consuming
magic mushrooms.

Drug tests and shrooms

Normal drug tests, which include urine tests, don’t usually detect shrooms.
Some minimal traces of shrooms can be detected in your body even after a
week of ingestion in sporadic cases. Though the detectability of the shrooms
depends on the type of drug test you undertake, you can be sure that most of
these tests will not show any traces of shrooms if you take them after 24 hours
after ingesting the magic mushrooms.

 Other tests, such as blood and saliva
tests, don’t show traces of shrooms, provided they are taken 6 to 8 hours after
Factors that affect the duration in which the effects of shroom sty
in the human body
The time limit that we specified in the above sections is according to the genral
rule. However, the effects of shrooms can remain for a shorter or longer period
than the mentioned limits, as they are dependent on various factors like the
Time difference between ingestion and detection tests – if you take
the test within 1 to 3 hours of ingesting magic shrooms, there is a high chance
that your drug test will show some traces of them.
Type of mushroom species – There are close to 200 species of psychedelic
mushrooms in the world today. When you consume mushrooms with intense
hallucinogenic properties, their effects may stay for a longer time in your body.
Potency – In which form do you consume magic mushrooms? This will affect
the potency of the shrooms. If you consume them in a very high potent form,
the effects tend to stay for a long time in your body.
Your age and general health – if your general metabolic and kidney
functions are healthy, you can expect to excrete almost all traces of shrooms
within 4 to 6 hours of ingestion. However, with age, these functionalities may
get impacted.
Quantity – The more shrooms you consume, the longer the effects stay in
your body.

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