Some call them magic mushrooms, while others label them as shrooms. Little smoke and purple passion are also familiar names besides a couple more local or street tags. Yes, this post is
about the compound Psilocybin derived from a specific type of fungi. It is made illegal in most
countries to have the hallucinogenic substance known to produce “high” effects on the
consumer. Since it comes under restricted substances, people are penalized for growing,
possessing, trading, and consuming it.
Short background about Denver and its recreational drug laws
The movements of 1950 and 1960 played in such situations that people began to misuse the
liberating mushrooming laws. More and more masses indulged in consuming the drug for
recreational experiences. Resultantly, Psilocybin, the substance in magic mushrooms, was put
under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, 1970.
About Denver decriminalizing mushrooms.
The above statement broke the internet, stirred the world, and invoked discussions from
everywhere. Denver, a city in Colorado, became the first-ever region to march on recognizing
the existence of magic mushrooms.
 The statement of decriminalization came out when ballot voting was done on the
subject in May 2019. The Psilocybin Mushroom Initiative, Ordinance 301 was passed
with a nominal yet glaring mark. It secured 50.64% votes in favour and the rest 49.36%
votes in disfavour.
 The reason behind considering the passing of such an ordinance was the welfare of the
public. It is known that Colorado had legalized the consumption of marijuana in private
places under some rules. It was made legal, keeping in mind the physical and mental
benefits of the consumer’s health. So, people brought in the same arguments in the
case of psilocybin mushrooms also.
 Proponents said that even the substance in magic mushrooms has wowing abilities to
help an ill person. It was shown that those who consumed magic mushrooms had faced
favourably positive results on their mental and physical health. Studies and reports
revealed that the drug aided in reducing depression level, anxiety gravity, prolonged
pain, OCD/ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and other mental issues.
The legal status of mushrooms in Denver as of today

Denver Decriminalizing Mushrooms

It is to be noted that decriminalization does not mean legalization; both these terms differ. The
drug psilocybin in mushrooms continues to be illegal for personal use but may be allowed for
medicinal use only. Denver still does not allow its people to grow, manufacture, sell, buy, store,
etc. Psilocybin mushrooms for “high” purposes. Also, the amended law is only for adults of 21
years of age or older. Anybody younger than that continues to be prone to legal penalties
according to the local laws.
Vigorous observations and clinical studies are still under process to derive solid theories about
obtaining more health benefits from psilocybin mushrooms. There is a need for in-depth
scientific knowledge, vast trials, and stringent laws to keep its abuse in check. Even people
should behave responsibly and consume such substances only for medicinal benefits.