Here's why the Albino Penis envy mushrooms strain is becoming so popular

The Albino penis envy mushrooms belong to the Psilocybin Cubensis family. The derivative is
considered the most potent strain in the family. It is recognized with its blue colouration. Also known
as the 'blue cap', the mushroom is responsible for the intense euphoria. Before we begin to dive
deep into these mushroom strains, let us have a brief look at its family.
Psilocybin Cubensis – the fungi family
The Psilocybe Cubensis is a part of the psychedelic mushroom group. You may be familiar with the
species as they commonly go by shrooms, magic mushrooms, golden halos, gold caps, or cubes. An
American mycologist first discovered the species in 1906. The mushroom family was initially used as
a hallucinogen but is a very potent psychedelic.
The mushroom derivatives have a cap that may range from 1.6 cm to 8 cm in diameter. The cap may
also look conical or convex in shape based on the growth spurt. The surface of the cap is smooth
with a central papilla. However, the cap fades away its colour while ageing with a tint of white
margin. The stem with the umbrella-shaped cap is distinguishable and looks a lot like an exposed
penis. This is how it got its name as the penis envy mushroom family.

Characteristic features of Albino Penis mushrooms

Commonly known as shrooms, the Albino penis envy mushrooms have some distinguishing features
that are mentioned below:

 Short but dense stalks
 Thick stems but small spores
 Small and few spores
 White and blue caps
 Broad, stout stems

The colouration of the cap depends on the psilocybin content in the mushroom. The higher the
potency, the heavy is the blue colour. So, if you find the mushroom blue enough, then the
mushroom has a higher potency of psilocybin.
Now, this is all about the physical features of the mushrooms. Now, we will unveil why penis envy
mushrooms are getting so popular these days.
The major reason people use these mushrooms are because of their psychedelic traits. They can be
used as hallucinogens in the medical research field. The shrooms affect the person's mind leading to
vivid visualization, euphoria, joy, and episodes of introspection, and philosophical thoughts.
Other variations of the P.E strain
Albino penis envy mushrooms have undergone several mutations leading from cross-pollinations of
the spores. The reproduction of these fungi has led to some odd mutations. Some of the varieties
are Albino penis envy, Texas penis envy, and Penis envy uncut. However, the physical appearance of
these mushrooms does not affect the potency of the mushrooms.
So, if you want to grow your P.E strain, you can purchase the Albino penis envy mushrooms grow
bags along with the growing kit. The mushrooms don't need much to be taken care of. You can plant
the spores in moist soil, and eventually, they will start growing. They are low maintenance fungi, and
therefore, it doesn't require much handling. Based on the colonization speed, you can grow a whole

bed of Penis envy mushrooms within few months. The cost of purchasing the Psilocybin Cubensis
may range from $4 to $7 per gram. However, based on the mutant variation, the price may plunge
to even $12/gram.

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